Welcome to Quick Wings

Quick Wings was founded in 2012 and is a family owned business based in Michigan. Our menu features 21 signature sauces. Our customers indulge in an extraordinarily unique takeout and dine-in experience unlike any other restaurant in the market.

Quick Wings have a unique flare, serves chicken wings, seafood, hot dogs, wraps, burgers among many other options to satisfy any appetite. The food is always fresh, never frozen, and cooked to order to ensure the customer’s takeout and dine-in experience is consistent and great every time.

We had a vision of developing a restaurant brand we would be proud of a place where we could take our family to. We put together a team that we could count on. With hard work, vision, practical experience and commitment to customer service. We developed Quick Wings. Together, through extensive research of industry and market trends we put our idea into a plan of action. With the advice of experts, we created a menu targeting families. There are many more Quick Wings opening soon! If you are interested in joining our family by opening a Quick Wings.

Questions or Comments?  Please contact us.
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